As a full service watch business, we offer complete vintage and contemporary watch restoration, polishing, and cleaning services. This includes rebuilding and refurbishing classic to contemporary mechanical wrist and pocket watches. We also time and regulate the finished piece to manufactures specifications & verify accuracy on our timing equipment. We are fortunate to have some of the best watchmakers on our staff that have been with the Seregin family for many years.     

We do contract work for some fine watch departments in our neighborhood from stores like Neumans, Nordstrom’s and Barney's.

In the case of divers watches and watches meant to be used in aquatic environments, we also pressure test our finished work for complete water impermeability. In modern quartz  watches we replace watch batteries and clean usually within the same day and assure fast delivery of your treasured watch. Mechanicals generally take a week or so depending on parts availability if needed. We use original manufactured parts not cheap imitation parts. 

All our service comes with a one-year warranty. Call or email for a price quote and shipping information. We will assign a repair order number and a claim tag to your watch. Please don’t send without this information.
Because each timepiece is unique and a repair could range from a battery change to an intricate surgery, we kindly request that you bring your watch to our shop so we may evaluate the most effective route to save you both time and money and to ensure that your timepiece receives the best care possible.